The royal spoke of the importance of mental health ahead of this year's London Marathon

Credit: The Royal Foundation

The runners who are lacing up for Team Heads Together at the London Marathon in two weeks have quite the cheerleading squad behind them!

Said squad is made up of royal Heads Together partners, Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry. And ahead of the big race on April 23, Harry made a pump-up video for all the runners participating.

Heads Together is the signature charity of the London Marathon this year, a move that Harry says he, William and Kate are excited about. Each marathon runner — even those running for causes other than Heads Together, an initiative to end the stigma surrounding mental health — will receive a Heads Together headband to wear on race day. In the video, Harry asked the marathon runners to wear their headbands on the big day.

He said that while the runners are participating in the marathon on behalf of all sorts of causes that have affected them personally, mental health ties all those causes together.

“We know that many of you will be running for some incredible charities, because you’ve been directly affected by life-changing issues,” he said. “You’ll recognize the emotional impact these can have, and how talking about it openly can help.”

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Harry hopes that the marathon will help move Heads Together’s mission to end the stigma surrounding open discussion about mental health forward.

“We want to use this moment to help end the stigma that stops people talking and change the conversation about mental health for good,” he said. “You can make it the mental health marathon.”

“Together, we’ll get the whole country talking about mental health. When we get our heads together, we can do great things.”

Mental health and Heads Together has become a key cause for the royal trio, as they’ve been speaking out about the importance of open discussion and attending events in partnership with Heads Together for over a year now.

At the end of the video, Harry pokes his head out from behind a tree, a goofy grin on his face — so at the very least, it’s worth watching through for that moment alone!