The royal told the lucky lady he'd "think about it"
Credit: Dean Lewins/Pool Photo/AP

One fan was so eager to keep Prince Harry from leaving Australia, she proposed marriage to him on the spot.

As Harry bid farewell to an adoring crowd in Australia on Thursday, 21-year-old Victoria McRea made her move, raising her “Marry Me, Last Chance” sign above the crowd.

It caught the eye of the passing prince, who coyly bit the back of his hand before agreeing to a kiss.

“I said how about it and he said could he think about it and then bit his knuckles,” McRae was quoted by Australia’s Daily Telegraph as saying. “He let me kiss him on the cheek.”

On the last day of his visit, Harry went to Macquarie University Clinic, where he met up with Lt. Ali Spearing, a Royal Engineers officer who was badly wounded while deployed in Afghanistan in 2011.

Harry used part of his time in Australia to learn about different methods for helping injured servicemen and women. It’s a task that he has been doing back home in the U.K. and hopes to continue when he leaves the army in June.

The prince heads to New Zealand on Saturday for an official tour on behalf of Queen Elizabeth.