The British royal also sat on the edge of his seat at a Cirque Du Soleil show

By Mark Gray
November 20, 2011 09:15 AM

Looks like Prince Harry and Las Vegas are getting along just fine.

One night after hitting the dance floor at Tryst, the prince’s tour of Las Vegas continued with something a little more low key early Saturday evening.

Joined by eight guys – several from his group from the previous evening, including his security detail – Harry, 27, who’s on a break from military training in the U.S., checked out Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” at the Bellagio at 7:30 p.m.

Seated toward the front, the plaid shirt-wearing prince sipped Corona, sat on the edge of his seat and gave a standing ovation before being quickly whisked away before the house lights turned on.

On his way out, Harry was “all smiles” and was overheard saying he “loved the show,” says a source.

Another thing Harry loved: Free drinks, which was something he discovered he could get from simply gambling. “He lost $300 gambling [Saturday morning] and his friends lost $200. He couldn’t believe you got free drinks from gambling at the blackjack tables,” a source tells PEOPLE.

And in typical Vegas fashion, Harry made it another late night, this time at XS Nightclub. Much like the previous evening, Harry kept a low profile, sitting a table off of the main dance floor usually reserved for the owner of the club.

The club was tipped off that they had a royal in the house after deejay Sander Kleinenberg Tweeted: “Playin moonbahton for Prince Harry.. #onlyinvegas.

Mainly keeping to his boys, Harry left the club just after 4 a.m. He was overheard saying he may stay in Vegas Sunday.