Prince Harry Continues Princess Diana's Legacy to End HIV: 'He Wants to Expand His Knowledge of Challenges Around the World'

Prince Harry is talking a bold step in his efforts to continue his late mother's legacy in the fight to end HIV and AIDS

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Prince Harry is taking a bold step in his efforts to continue his late mother Princess Diana‘s fight to end HIV and AIDS.

“He wants to expand his own knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the fight against the virus around the world,” a palace spokesperson said in a statement released to PEOPLE on Tuesday. “This will see him tackling topics including testing, treatment and prevention as well as anti-stigma efforts that were famously championed by his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.”

The prince, who will embark on a new series of engagements and meetings designed to shine a spotlight on the ongoing need for action in the fight, wants to bring the issue to the attention of a younger generation. He also hopes to convene leaders in the sector to help people get the help they need – worldwide.

He has built up a “decade of experience in supporting young people with HIV in Lesotho” where his charity, Sentebale, is based and he wants “to help his generation understand that the battle against the disease has not yet been won and still needs fighting,” the statement continued.

“It takes someone of a younger generation to shine a light on the issues that are still prevalent and raise awareness,” a royal source tells PEOPLE.

Harry’s efforts comes as he is set to welcome rockers Coldplay and his friend Joss Stone to Kensington Palace Tuesday night for a star-studded concert to raise money and awareness for his charity, Sentebale, which helps kids orphaned by the disease in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Last month, Harry told PEOPLE that he wanted to make his mother proud through his public work.

Prince Harry Opens Up About the Influence His Mother Diana Had on His Work

The royal has plans to meet with doctors and nurses who are caring for patients in South London (which is home to one of the highest concentrations of HIV-positive people in Europe) and visit a sexual health service that encourages regular testing for HIV and outreach to the partners of newly-diagnosed patients.

And in July, the royal is set to attend the 2016 International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

Prince Harry believes that greater public awareness of the innovations in both testing and treatment for HIV can help save lives and he wants to do his part, the statement concluded.

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