Prince Harry Calls His Family from Afghanistan

Harry has phoned home three times from the war, says Prince Charles

Photo: John Stillwell/Getty

Duty begins at home for Prince Harry.

The Prince, often dubbed the wild one of the family, has remembered to keep the folks back home apprised of his news while serving with the army. Harry, 28, has phoned home from the front in Afghanistan three times, his father revealed Friday.

Harry left for a several month tour of duty in September and is set to spend several months helping the war effort.

Charles was speaking at an Australian naval base in Sydney, where he met servicemen and women while he is touring the country.

Major Karl Reynolds told reporters covering the tour: “It s good Harry is phoning home. It s so easy to do now with the Internet. A letter is always good, but you can t beat a call home.”

Harry, known as Captain Wales in the military, is a co-pilot of Apache attack helicopters and is set to still be serving over the holiday season.

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