Prince Harry Answers Stephen Colbert's Burning Questions in Surprise Late-Night Segment

The Duke of Sussex appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last month to promote his book, Spare

Prince Harry is joining the ranks of Michelle Obama, Cate Blanchett, Bono, Robert De Niro and more by answering the Colbert Questionert.

The Duke of Sussex made a surprise appearance in a segment of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, a month after Harry sat down with the host in front of a live audience to talk about his memoir, Spare. In the prerecorded clip, Prince Harry took on Colbert's 15 burning questions that he's previously asked a slew of celebrities.

The questions ranged from best sandwich to "what do you think happens when we die?"

Prince Harry's favorite smell?

"My wife," he said referring to Meghan Markle, eliciting adulation from the audience.

The prince's favorite sandwich is a "cheese and ham toastie with dijon mustard on top" in a "toastie machine," he told Colbert.

"Like a panini press?" Colbert asked him.

"I have to be sort of careful with these questions because the Americanisms to the British-isms, it's very different," Prince Harry said. "Got me and my wife into a little trouble at the beginning of our relationship."

In addition to admitting he should probably throw out his "ripped boxer shorts" and that he once asked the England rugby team at the 2003 World Cup Rugby Final for their autographs, Prince Harry said he was afraid of snakes: "I don't like sharks, but at least they're contained to the ocean. Snakes can get anywhere."

Harry brought up animals again when Colbert asked what happens after death, saying he believed in reincarnation and would want to come back as an elephant.

Stephen Colbert; Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
Manny Carabel/Getty Images; Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The royal's most used phone app is the BetterUp coaching platform, he told Colbert.

"It's the quickest access to mental health coaching," Prince Harry, who is the chief impact officer of the company and has been open about his use of coaching and therapy, said.

As for five words that best describe the rest of his life, the Duke of Sussex said: "freedom, happiness, clarity, space, love."

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The segment was much more lighthearted than the previous sit-down between Prince Harry, 38, and Colbert, 58. Chatting about his memoir with the late-night host last month, Harry discussed the "cathartic" process of writing Spare, his military service in Afghanistan, the worldwide fascination with the royal family and what his mother, Princess Diana, would make of it all today. He also said that a rift wouldn't have driven him and Prince William apart if Diana, who died in a 1997 car crash in Paris, was still alive.

"If your mother were still alive, do you ever think about how she might handle this moment?" Colbert asked Harry, referencing the tension between him and the Prince of Wales.

"We wouldn't have got to this moment," Prince Harry replied. "It's impossible to say where we would be now — where those relationships would be now — but there is no way that the distance between my brother and I would be the same."

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