Royal warrant holder Floris London is crafting a custom scent for the big day

By Diana Pearl
April 06, 2018 03:21 PM
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When it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s wedding, every detail is being considered — including the scent.

Ahead of their wedding, Harry and Meghan are set to receive their own custom scent from legendary perfumer Floris London to mark the occasion. And though the final product is being kept under wraps until the big day, Amalia Robles, the manager of Floris’s iconic Jermyn Street store in London, tells PEOPLE that the fragrance is based off the brand’s Bergamotto di Positano perfume.

Bergamotto di Positano has notes of wood and spice, and those notes in particular are being used as the base for the custom scent Floris is crafting for Harry and Meghan’s big day. Bergamotto di Positano also features notes of bergamot, orange blossom and green tea, and smells equal parts woody and refreshing. However, as a part of Floris’s private collection, it’s seldom released and when it is, it’s done in very small quantities.

A display at Floris’s London store
| Credit: Diana Pearl

Floris London was founded in 1730 by Juan Floris. Today, the luxury perfume brand still operates out of the same building where the brand was founded, on Jermyn Street in London. It’s run by the ninth generation of the Floris family. They’re well known for their royal connections: Floris nabbed their first royal warrant in 1820 and have had one to their name ever since since. They currently have a warrant from both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

Floris Shop Window
| Credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images

The brand has also created scents for Queen Victoria and King George VI, as well as Winston Churchill and James Bond author Ian Fleming. They create a new perfume for every major royal event, as well as sending Queen Elizabeth a new perfume for her birthday every year. (Her favorite scent is roses.) They fill regular perfume orders for their high-profile clientele, and record each one in a ledger. The older books — containing the records for royals like King George VI and his older brother, the Duke of Windsor — are now so delicate that they can only be handled with gloves.

The ledger for the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII
| Credit: Diana Pearl

There was a Floris perfume crafted for Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding day, too: Wedding Bouquet, which is not available for purchase. (As a sign of Floris’s connection with the royal family, they also have a piece of William and Kate’s wedding cake stored in the back of their Jermyn Street boutique.)

While you won’t be able to pick up the custom scent created for Harry and Meghan’s wedding anytime soon, you can buy the perfume that inspired it here.