Prince Harry and Dad Prince Charles Join Forces to Prevent Youth Violence

The royal father and son teamed up for an important cause

Violent youth crime forum
Photo: Press Association via AP Images

Prince Harry joined forces with his dad, Prince Charles, on Wednesday.

The royal father and son teamed up at Charles’s London home, Clarence House, to address the prevention of youth violent crime in the U.K. They were also joined by actor Tom Hardy for the meeting, which was convened by Charles’s Prince’s Trust charity.

Calling for more constructive activities for to channel their energy, including vocational education, he said he prayed for experts to “find a way through” the issue and improve the opportunities for those caught up in a cycle of violence.

“There must be better ways, if we’re going to prevent all these appalling disasters happening to so many people’s families,” Charles said.

Violent youth crime forum
Prince Charles and Prince Harry at the violent crime youth forum on December 12. Press Association via AP Images

“This is a thing which seems unacceptable, frankly,” he continued. “We should say enough is enough. This time, we are really going to make a dent in this for the sake of so many young and so many families. That should be our aim.

“It can’t be beyond the power of man or woman to find a way through. I pray that as a result of all this, there may be a way of making a dent in this enormous problem.”

Tom Hardy, who has previously spoken about his troubled youth, remarked that “my early formative years were an absolute mess” and admitting he believed he could have ended up dead or in prison if his life had taken a difference turn.

Charles, 70, established the Prince’s Trust in 1976 following social unrest and high levels of youth unemployment. The charity’s business start-up program launched in 1983 following the Prince’s conversations with young people in the aftermath of the riots that blighted some of Britain’s inner cities at the time.

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Harry, 34, has put measures to help combat youth violence and knife crime at the forefront of his public work, teaming up with local groups in Nottingham — where he took then-fiancée Meghan Markle on her first public outing last December.

Among the speakers at today’s event was Tanisha Barrett-Thomas, 15, a youth leader for the charity “For Jimmy” who was galvanized after a childhood friend was killed.

“I want every teen to be able to walk the streets without fear of death,” she told Prince Charles.

Professor Charles Deakin talked about the rising challenge of treating knife wounds and their traumatic effect, not just on families, friends and witnesses, but also on first responders.

Omar Sharif, who grew up surrounded by gang crime and now works for the Prince’s Trust, also shared his story, telling Charles, “Thank you for what you’ve set up because it saved my life.”

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