The little prince has received some interesting presents from friends and admirers over the past year

By Monique Jessen and Simon Perry
Updated July 22, 2014 08:00 AM
Credit: Marty Melville/Getty

Prince George is one popular little boy.

While most babies are given cute onesies or silver rattles to celebrate their births, Prince William and Kate‘s firstborn child had a mountain of gifts (from 48 different countries) bestowed upon him during his first year.

Some of them are wackier than others.

Australia’s Northern Territory gave the prince a little baby crocodile (called George, obviously) that was hatched on the day his conception was announced. In the absence of a natural saltwater river on the grounds of Kensington Palace, the scaly creature remains in Australia with updates sent to George on an annual basis. Or he can just check out the croc’s very own Facebook page.

Other animals that have been adopted in his honor include three slender-tailed meerkats named “George,” “Alexander” and “Louis” (the toddler’s full name), from the Dudley and West Midlands Zoological Society.

The tribal elders in Samburu, Kenya, gifted him a goat and a fatted bull which, with four heifers, would be used to start a royal herd. At a traditional Samburu ceremony, the elders blessed the animals while native women danced.

To celebrate George’s christening in October, Count Tibor Kalnoky, a friend of proud grandpa Prince Charles, sent George some flowers – a whole field of them, to be precise. “If we sent flowers, they would wilt,” said the count, who is also a conservationist. “The gift will protect the area and contribute to raising public awareness so that rare flowers can be protected.”

And then there was the ornamental orb given to George by Pope Francis. Made from lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone, it features a silver cross of St. Edward the Confessor and is inscribed with the words “From Pope Francis to Prince George of Cambridge.” It was accompanied by a manuscript dating back to 1679 – probably not one for the toy box.

There were also lots of sporty gifts: a bike with a plaque inscribed with a crown and the initial G, a miniature Sealegs amphibious boat that drives on land and rides on water, a customized surfboard emblazoned with his name.

At the Royal Easter Show just outside Sydney, Australia, he got a rocking horse, but he also received hundreds of stuffed animals, toys and other smaller gifts that were personally given to his parents on the royal tour to Australia and New Zealand earlier this year. At one stop, young volunteers carried box after box of teddies and other gifts to the royal convoy.

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