See Prince George's New School Uniform, and Yes, It Includes Knee Socks!

Prince George will be heading to his first day of school at Thomas's Battersea in style in his new uniform

Prince George is heading to school in style.

The 4-year-old royal’s first day at Thomas’s Battersea School in London is set for Sept. 7, and when he arrives (with mom Princess Kate and dad Prince William in tow), he’ll be wearing the co-ed school‘s uniform.

George has three different uniforms he’ll wear during his time at Thomas’s Battersea. The first is his “summer uniform,” which is likely what he’ll be wearing on his first day. It consists of a blue button-down shirt, shorts and a navy sweater with the school’s logo. To keep cool in the summer months, the boys wear ankle socks, not knee socks.

John Lewis

He’ll also be able to wear is an adorable little sun hat, and we truly hope George turns up in it on his first day.

John Lewis

Once the temperatures start to drop, George will transition to the “winter uniform,” which is similar to the summer one, with a few key differences. Instead of the blue button down, he’ll wear a red turtleneck underneath his sweater. And rather than ankle socks, he’ll break out his signature item: knee socks, which are red with a navy stripe at the top.

John Lewis; Chris Jackson/Getty
John Lewis

And then, for gym class — or if he wants to go out for the soccer team (as dad may hope!) — he’ll wear the “sports uniform,” which consists of a red T-shirt, blue shorts and a navy sweatshirt with the school’s logo printed on it.

John Lewis

All of the uniforms are available at British retailer John Lewis, and are fairly affordable, too. The shirts costs £22 (or $28), £23 ($30) for the shorts, and £14 ($18) for the very important knee socks.

William and Kate will escort George to his first day, where they’ll walk him to his classroom. They did the same thing in January 2016, when they took George to his first day of nursery school at Westacre Montessori School, near their home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall. Now that the family is relocating to London full-time, Thomas’s Battersea is just a quick drive across the Thames from Kensington Palace.

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