Prince George Has the Perfect Response When Prince William Asks Him to Rate Mom Kate's Garden

Prince William playfully quizzed his son as they toured the specially-designed garden at Chelsea Flower Show

Prince George is impressed!

The 5-year-old royal gave his mom Kate Middleton the ultimate compliment on her fun-filled garden design.

When asked by his dad Prince William to rank the woodland space with a mark out of 10, he went way higher. His verdict? 20 out of 10.

“What would you give it out of 10, George? How many marks out of 10 would you give it? With 10 being the highest,” William asked his son as they played on the garden swing.

“Twenty,” George immediately replies.

“Twenty out of 10?” William says with a laugh. “That’s pretty good. I think Mummy’s done well.”

“How amazing is that?” Kate is heard saying from nearby as she plays with Prince Louis.

William then says as he jumps onto the garden swing and calls out: “Give me a push!”

William, 36, playfully quizzed his son as they toured the specially-designed garden at Chelsea Flower Show on Sunday.

The newly-released footage shows the father and son talking in the garden. William is also spotted on the swing that forms a centerpiece under a large treehouse, while Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis roam around.

Matt Porteous/PA
Matt Porteous/PA

As she entertained some local schoolkids in the garden during a surprise tour early Monday, Kate said of her own children’s visit: They “played last night in a way I hadn’t imagined. They were throwing stones. I hadn’t actually thought that that was what they would be doing. They kicked their shoes off, and wanted to paddle in the stream . . . using it in a way that I hadn’t anticipated.”

Princess Kate’s “Back to Nature”-themed garden was created alongside the Royal Horticultural Society and designers Andrée Davies, 55, and Adam White, 45, to highlight the benefits of playing outdoors.

Prince Louis
Matt Porteous/Kensington Palace via Getty

“Hopefully when people visit they will find their inner child,” Smith said Sunday. “That could be remembering building a den or toasting marshmallows on a fire.”

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