April 23, 2014 12:55 PM

Just what every lad with a surfboard needs: a Mini-Me on wheels to go with it.

And Prince George now has both, a personalized surfboard he was given last week in Sydney, and a green skateboard, which was a gift from an activity center in Elizabeth, South Australia., on Wednesday.

George’s dad, Prince William, picked up the new set of wheels on his growing 9-month-old son‘s behalf.

When George is old enough to hop aboard, he’ll certainly have no problem knowing where it came from: It is decorated with two kangaroos and two Australian flags, and, just like his surfboard, is personalized, with his name on the underside.

Casey Zechef, 16, who was responsible for putting the artist’s brush to the board, told reporters that when he presented it to Kate and William, “They loved it. They loved the kangaroos on each side. They thought it was amazing.”

And while those in the 5,000-strong crowd to greet the royal visitors tried to encourage William to demonstrate his skateboard prowess, the prince politely declined.

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