By Julia Emmanuele
June 15, 2015 05:05 PM

Think your weekend was epic? We know four people who had a better time and they’re all less than 4 years old.

The past three days have been packed with exciting royal events, from Trooping the Color in England to the wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden, and the royal babies turned out in full force to dance, wave to their people, make “aww”-inducing faces and generally enjoy the fact that they live better lives than the rest of us.

So, how did these pint-size princes and princesses manage to top all of the wild parties, Netflix binges and bottomless brunches that you fit into this weekend? Let’s take a quick look at how they spent their days – it might just give you a little inspiration for some upcoming plans of your own:

Prince George
Why He Won the Weekend: Even if you don’t have the Trooping the Color festivities marked down on your calendar, George probably won you over with all of the adorable faces that he made while watching the flypast with his parents. And just in case his super-sweet wave didn’t melt your heart, his enthusiastic tongue-wagging should have done the trick. Plus, he managed to make Crocs seem cool, a feat which grown adults have failed at for years.

From left: Princess Estelle, Prince Daniel and Princess Victoria at Prince Carl Philip's wedding
Luca Teuchmann/Wireimage

Princess Estelle
Why She Won the Weekend: The bride’s day? Make that the flower girl’s day, thanks to Sweden’s precious princess. Estelle stole the show during the Swedish royal wedding thanks to a series of adorable (and hilarious) facial expressions. Whether she was taking in the grandeur or taking her role very seriously, all eyes were on Estelle. Like any good royal, she also made sure to thank her adoring public by waving excitedly at them from the balcony.

Julian Parker/UK Press/Getty

Princess Leonore
Why She Won the Weekend: Like her older cousin, Leonore also stole focus at Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Sofia’s wedding – and she did it without even having to stand up. In addition to modeling an outfit that has been in the Swedish Royal family for five generations, Leonore spent much of the ceremony being passed around between her parents, aunt and uncle and grandparents, ensuring that royals fans everywhere had plenty to coo over. Oh, and she welcomed a baby brother on Monday, so the celebration just keeps going for Leonore.

But while George, Estelle and Leonore all clearly had a better weekend than anyone else in the world, there is one royal baby who found a way to top all three of them: the new Swedish prince. Sure, extravagant weddings and over-the-top celebrations are exciting, but there really is nothing that could possibly be better than being born into royalty. Better luck next weekend, everyone else!