Prince George Has Been Practicing His 'Rugby Tackling' on Mom Kate Middleton

Prince Louis is also a fan of the sport — and brings his referee whistle with him to school

Prince George
Prince George and Kate Middleton. Photo: David Rogers/Getty

Prince George has been practicing his rugby skills with his mom Kate Middleton!

The 8-year-old royal accompanied his parents, Prince William and Kate, to the England vs. Wales Six Nations game at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday, where Kate revealed that Prince George has started playing rugby at school.

George shared that he just started learning how to tackle, before turning to his mom and saying: "But I haven't tackled you yet!"

Kate, 40, replied with a laugh: "Yes, you have!"

But George isn't the only young rugby fan in the Cambridge household — his 3-year-old brother Prince Louis "started taking his referee whistle to nursery [school]," according to Kate.

Prince George
Prince William, Prince George and Kate Middleton. DRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images

Saturday's match was the first face-off between England and Wales since Kate took over as patron of the Rugby Football League and the Rugby Football Union, making her rivals with her husband, who has been patron of the Welsh Rugby Union since 2016. Kate's side came out victorious on Saturday, but Prince George didn't spill which side he was rooting for ahead of the game.

When George was asked if he'd be supporting his mother or father's team, the prince shrugged and smiled at William.

"It's become quite the thing in the house," Prince William, 39, said. "She is quite into it, I'm trying to stay out of it."

Prince George

Last year, Prince George joined his parents at several soccer games, rooting for England as their team made the Euro 2020 finals.

Prince George is also a fan of playing soccer and has been seen kicking a ball around with sister Princess Charlotte, 6.

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Prince George
Prince William, Prince George and Kate Middleton at 2022 rugby game. David Rogers/Getty Images

Although Kate is a known tennis player and sailor, George might need to teach his mom a thing or two about soccer. In 2019, Kate revealed to schoolchildren that her eldest son was learning how to play soccer and was not impressed with her skills on the field.

She revealed that George tells her, "Mummy, you're so rubbish," according to The Telegraph. "I should have picked up some tips from George."

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