Pippa Middleton Is 'So Happy to Be an Aunt'

Kate's sister is said to be "very excited" about her nephew, Prince George, and is already helping out

Photo: Mark Stewart

A beloved sister – and now, a doting aunt.

Pippa Middleton, aka Auntie Pippa, is thrilled at the arrival of her nephew, Prince George, and has already been helping sister Kate in her early days of motherhood.

Pippa, 29, says she’s “very excited about my sister’s baby” and “so happy to be an aunt, as I love kids,” a source close to the Middletons tells PEOPLE.

She and her boyfriend, Nico Jackson, visited Kensington Palace this week to help take care of the newborn before Prince William and his wife decamped for a visit to the Middleton home in Bucklebury on Wednesday.

Pippa has shown her love for children many times. She is an ambassador for the Mary Hare School for deaf children, and last Halloween hosted an afternoon kids’ party at London’s Daunt Books.

Reporting by SYDNEY BERGER

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