The royal couple spoke with schoolgirls Tuesday on a visit to the Uluru area
Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage

Sign of a luxurious vacation: You come back a bit plumper than when you left.

Prince George has been so well looked after in New Zealand and Australia that he’s added an “extra fat roll,” his mother Kate told some schoolgirls on Tuesday.

“We asked if they missed him,” one of the girls, Shannon Hunt, told PEOPLE after meeting with the royals at a tea party in Uluru.

“Kate said, ‘He’s been changing so much while we’ve been away.’ Kate also said he grew an extra fat roll while they’re away. She also said he can get a bit grumpy on the long flights.”

The kids asked questions about sports (Prince William tipped New Zealand’s All Blacks to win the upcoming rugby World Cup) and their careers and exams (Kate wished them all good luck). Some of the girls asked to take selfies with the royals, but they settled for a group shot.

One girl, Erin Keeley, mentioned she’d been disappointed not to see Queen Elizabeth on a trip to London last summer. “That’s because she knew you wanted a selfie,” William quipped. “She ran away!”

Kate also mentioned that she was looking forward to their sunset visit to the area’s famous natural landmark later in the day. “I’m so happy to be here,” she said. “An afternoon with the sunset … It’s the most beautiful setting.”

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