A British author parodies the daily life of the royal tot in a new satirical diary Monique Jessen, @moniquejessen

By Monique Jessen
Updated October 19, 2015 03:10 PM
Credit: Martio Testino /Art Partner/Sipa

Prince George may be the most famous toddler in the world, but we’ve never heard his “voice” – until now.

In a new book titled The Prince George Diaries, British author and magazine editor Clare Bennett offers readers a satirical glimpse of young royal life through the eyes of 2-year-old George himself.

Covering events in the Cambridge household from July 2014 onwards, the story begins with the prince waking up on his first birthday to find himself surrounded by flunkeys, his parents, Prince William and Princess Kate and his Latin teacher.

It also includes the build up to the birth of his his younger sister, Princess Charlotte, whom he refers to as “Ringo” (it’s a codename and goes well with “George,” he explains).

In an entry on May 2, “George” writes, “RINGO IS HERE. And it’s a she.” Preparing for the much anticipated hospital visit to meet his sister, he fails to listen to the advice of his mood analyst, who suggests he “smiles in a nothing-about-this-worries-me-way,” explaining himself: “No smiling as I wanted to keep them guessing. It works for Victoria Beckham.”

The tot refers to Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall as “Goonie” and “GaGa” and tells hilarious tales about Queen Elizabeth, his great-grandmother, whom he calls “GG.” He goes on to describe Prince Philip (aka “G-Pop”) as “the oldest human on Earth whose first pet was a dinosaur.”

Bennett has written in the voice of the royal toddler before, having penned articles in the society publication, Tatler, of which she is a contributing editor.

The Prince George Diaries will be available in the U.K on Nov. 5.

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