It's the perfect tribute for a young prince!

Prince George, who’s turning 5 on Sunday, is receiving a very special gift!

The Royal Mint just announced that in honor of George’s birthday on July 22, it will issue a £5 (about $6.50) commemorative coin, available to the public for purchase. The coin features an image of St. George, the patron saint of England, and a dragon. According to legend, the dragon, who lived nearby St. George’s town, would attack the locals, so St. George, a knight, tamed and killed it. The coin, also embossed with the year 2018, is part of a Royal Mint annual set called The Progress of a Prince.

The legend of St. George and the dragon has been used on royal coins for centuries, according to the Royal Mint, and deliberately invokes courage and the triumph of good over evil as a tribute to the prince on his birthday. On Prince George’s second birthday, the Royal Mint issued a similar coin. Prince George is third in line to the throne

Prince George’s 5th birthday commemorative coin
| Credit: The Royal Mint
The Progress of a Prince set from the Royal Mint
| Credit: The Royal Mint

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Prince George in the Royal Christening official portraits
| Credit: Matt Holyoak/Camera Press/REDUX

Prince George has had a busy summer leading up to his birthday. Just last week, he attended the christening of his little brother, Prince Louis, and stole the show with his big grin in the official portraits. And just a few weeks before, he watched from the sidelines as his dad played in a charity polo at Beaufort Park and attended Trooping the Colour. He was also a page boy at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.