The #MannequinChallenge has reached the Swedish royal family!

By Caris Davis
November 29, 2016 04:10 PM

Taylor Swift has done it. Adele aced it. Even Hillary Clinton got in on the action. Now, the #MannequinChallenge has reached the Swedish royal family!

The Internet’s latest meme, which involves getting a bunch of people together to freeze in various poses mid-action, was attempted by Sweden’s Prince Daniel — and it did not disappoint.

The 24-second video, which was posted by Gen Pep, the prince’s fitness charity which encourages children and young people to live a healthy life, features the royal alongside a few Gen Pep squad members.

Source GEN-POP/Instagram

Daniel stages a pose while on his cell phone, giving a thumbs up sign. (If you look closely, you’ll see a sweet photo of the prince’s 4-year-old daughter, Princess Estelle, on his phone cover!)

According to the caption on Instagram, the video was shot during a break from short-listing finalists for a fitness gala in January.

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This isn’t the first time the royal dad has gotten in on the latest trend. The prince revealed that over the summer, he led his family on a series of “out of control” Pokémon Go hunts.

And Daniel isn’t the only royal family member to decorate their phone with a picture of Estelle. Proud grandmother Queen Silvia‘s cell is decorated with an adorable picture of her royal granddaughter wearing a red ribbon in her hair.