Prince Charles visited members of the Finsbury Park Muslim community following Monday's attack

By Diana Pearl
June 21, 2017 02:07 PM
Frank Augstein/AP

Prince Charles visited the Muslim Welfare House in Finsbury Park, London, on Wednesday to meet with members of the area’s Muslim community in the wake of the terrorist attack outside a mosque on Monday morning.

Charles, who arrived without wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, shook hands and chatted with people at the Welfare House, the headquarters of a number of community centers that serve Muslims throughout the U.K., according to The Guardian.

Upon arriving, Charles took a moment outside to walk around and see the tributes to the victims — 1 killed, 11 injured — that have been placed outside the mosque.

Charles was greeted by Muslim leader Imam Mohammed Mahmoud, who protected the alleged attacker, Darren Osborne, 47, after a crowd was about to descend on him following the attack. He also got medical care for Osborne as well as the other victims.

“By God’s grace we managed to surround him and protect him from any harm. We stopped all forms of attack and abuse toward him that were coming from any angle,” Mahmoud said of the experience. “We pushed people away from him until he was safely taken by police into custody. That’s all that we did, it wasn’t me alone.”

Frank Augstein/AP

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It was Charles’s third event of the day. Earlier he accompanied his mother, Queen Elizabeth, to the State Opening of Parliament, before attending the second day of Royal Ascot.

The attack outside the mosque was just the latest in a slew of tragedies to hit the U.K. over the past few weeks. Last week, Grenfell Tower, an apartment complex in London, caught on fire and burned, killing at least 79 people. And earlier in June, there were attacks at London’s Borough Market. Last month, there was a suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.