There's no grandpa on royal baby diaper duty
Credit: Courtesy Duchess of Cambridge

Prince Charles is a devoted grandpa who "comes alive" around his grandchildren.

But despite his love for Prince George, 2, and Princess Charlotte, 7 months, he has yet to take on one task – changing diapers.

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In a new documentary, When Ant and Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years of the Prince’s Trust (airing Jan. 4), British comedy duo Ant and Dec sat down with Prince Charles to chat about the 40th anniversary of his charitable foundation – and his relationship with his grandchildren. The documentary airs January 4 in the U.K., but the pair shared a few moments from the interview with Event magazine (via The Daily Mail).

And while he admitted that’s avoided diaper duty (so far!), Charles was eager to tell Ant and Dec how grateful he is for his grandchildren.

Why Princess Charlotte Is the Perfect Baby!

The Prince of Wales told them he’s thankful to have George and Charlotte “to look after me when I m tottering about”.

Prince William and Prince Harry are also interviewed in the documentary, where they shared a few "embarrassing dad" stories about Charles from their school days.

“He was lovely about Camilla and the two boys and being a granddad,” Anthony McPartlin – Ant of Ant and Dec – said of the Prince’s interview. “It was fascinating just to hear him talk like that.”