Prince Charles Built a Miniature Buckingham Palace – In Honor of His Late Grandmother

You can even live there!

Photo: Finbarr Webster/REX/Shutterstock

He’s the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cornwall and the Duke of Rothesay.

And now, Prince Charles can add “World’s Best Grandson” to that list.

The royal recently built a Buckingham Palace replica in Poundbury, Dorset in the Duchy of Cornwall, which he owns, to honor his late grandmother, the Queen Mother.

The yellow and white building may differ in color from its London counterpart, but the facade is where the true resemblance shows: It has the same pillars, the same neoclassical style, the same doorways and the same shape.

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But the architecture isn’t the only royal family significance: The building is named the Strathmore House, which signifies the heritage, Queen Mother, Charles’s maternal grandmother (and mum to the Queen!): Her father, Claude Bowes-Lyon was the 14th Earl of Strathmore.

The other connection to Charles’s grandmother is a bit more obvious: Strathmore House sits in the middle of the town’s Queen Mother Square.

Unlike the real Buckingham Palace, commoners can live in the replica, which was built as a joint project between the Charles-owned Duchy of Cornwall and the Hall and Woodhouse brewery. The building is home to eight apartments, worth £650,000 or $860,632 each. If that’s too much to cough up, you can stay in the building’s hotel, book a meeting in the conference center, or dine in the restaurant.

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Keep an eye on the area for even more developments dedicated to the late Queen Mother: Another building, which will house more apartments and a spa, will open on the square. It’s set to be named after one of the Queen Mother’s racehorses, the Royal Pavilion. There will also be a 10 foot statue of Her Majesty in the square, too.

“Queen Mother Square has a very regal design to it. The square is a tribute to the Queen Mother,” Simon Conibear, a representative from the Duchy of Cornwall, said. “His Royal Highness wanted to commemorate his grandmother.”

Conibear also insists that Buckingham Palace wasn’t the inspiration for Strathmore House, and instead, it was just “English Palladian tradition.”

Whatever the inspiration, there’s no denying that when it comes to British architecture, this is about as traditional as it gets!

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