14 Rare Photos of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Wedding

These rare photographs expose a more candid, intimate side to Prince Charles and Princess Diana's July 29, 1981 nuptials

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Diana In Procession After Wedding
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Diana enters Buckingham Palace surrounded by the young bridesmaids and pageboys. Around 3,500 guests attended their July 29 nuptials back in 1981.

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Diana with Queen Elizabeth II
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In her arms, Diana cradles Clementine Hambro, who, at just 5 years old, was her youngest bridesmaid.

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Diana Putting Down Child
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Unlike the rest of the girls, Hambro was Diana's choice – she was a favorite pupil of Diana's at the Young England kindergarten, where she taught before she was married.

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Princess Diana and Prince Charles Wedding
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Dubbed the "wedding of the century," Charles and Diana's nuptials were attended by the royal family at home, and others abroad. Here, the Queen Mother looks on as Diana and Charles speak with their attendants.

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Princess Diana Walks with Queen Elizabeth
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Princess Diana walks side-by-side with her new mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II.

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Prince Charles and Prince Andrew at Ceremony
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Prince Andrew (bending) and Princes Charles (right) chat with the wedding attendants after the elaborate ceremony at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana on Buckingham Palace Balcony
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Charles and Diana walk out onto the iconic Buckingham Palace balcony, where hundreds of thousands of well-wishers wait below.

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana After Saying Vows
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The newlyweds in a candid, intimate moment just after saying their vows at St. Paul's. Diana's iconic dress was crafted by British fashion designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

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Princess Diana in Long Wedding Dress
Princess Diana. RR Auction/Splash News Online

Diana — and her long (25-foot!) train — prepare for the day's official portraits.

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Spencer and Windsor-Mountbatten Family
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Both the Spencer and Windsor-Mountbatten family filled the Buckingham Palace throne room before the staged portraits were shot.

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Princess Michael of Kent Chats with a Guest
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Princess Michael of Kent, wife of Prince Michael, a cousin of the Queen, chats with a guest.

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Outtakes from Patrick Lichfield's Private Photograph
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These photographs are outtakes from Patrick Lichfield's private photograph taken for the royal family. Since 1981, the photographer's assistant has held these rare images.

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Crowds Near Buckingham Palace are Broadcast on TV
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The enormous crowds near Buckingham Palace are broadcast on a television nearby…

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Queen Elizabeth Watches Crowds on TV
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…while the Queen looks on. "You can see the Queen watching the throng of people outside Buckingham Palace," Bobby Livingston, Executive VP of RR Auctions, told PEOPLE. "It's pretty spectacular."

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