Biblewalk uses discarded wax figures – oftentimes of recognizable people – in their exhibits

By Diana Pearl
Updated August 14, 2015 05:40 PM
Credit: James Cheadle/Solent News

Good news, stateside royal watchers: You don’t have to travel all the way across the pond to catch a glimpse of a prince.

In fact, you need not go farther than Mansfield, Ohio, where very, very keen eyes will spot Prince Charles and Prince Philip at the Biblewalk Bible Museum.

Biblewalk uses discarded wax figures – oftentimes of recognizable people, like these royals – to depict biblical scenes in their museum. Here, the Prince of Wales’s replica is repurposed to portray Abel, the son of Adam and Eve who was murdered by his brother Cain. (We’re not judging if you had to do one or two or seven double-takes.)

His father, Prince Philip appears in the museum as an angel standing alongside a statue of Jesus.

The celebrity-inspiration behind many of the museum’s exhibits wasn’t intentional. Biblewalk’s mission is to spread the word of Jesus Christ, not celebrities, says Julie Mott-Hardin, the director of Biblewalk. However, because Biblewalk purchases their figures from other wax museums from around the country, royalty and religion have a bit of an overlap.

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And the royals aren’t the only ones: John Travolta appears in the museum as King Solomon, among many other celebrities, Mott-Hardin says.

Biblewalk may not intend for visitors to see celebrities when visiting their museum, but Mott-Hardin admits that there are some who make the connection – and even a few who ask specifically to see all of the displays that have a celebrity’s likeness. (And that really gives the term “divine right” a whole new meaning.)

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