Charles calls Camilla his "darling wife" who lauds his vision, while she praises her husband's passion and energy
Credit: Clarence House

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall aren’t shy when it comes to their love!

The royal couple continues their romantic streak in a new documentary about the prince’s longtime youth charity.

In the special, which aired on Monday in the U.K., Charles, 67, calls Camilla, 68, his “darling wife” and she praises him for the “vision” he showed as a young man to follow his instincts to help young people.

The 90-minute show, When Ant and Dec Met the Prince: 40 Years of the Prince’s Trust, presented by British duo Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnell, champions Charles’ work in setting up the Prince’s Trust 40 years ago.

The royal set up the trust with his severance pay of around $10,500 when he left the Royal Navy at 27. It has since helped 825,000 young people make a positive difference to their lives through education, employment and business opportunities.

The revealing documentary also brought an insight into the prince and his relationship with Camilla as she tells of how her husband has boundless energy and remains “passionate” about his work..

In a brief chat at the couple’s Welsh home, Camilla told the duo that she had tears in her eyes at the end of her first visit to see people who had benefitted from the trust. “I left with a huge lump in my throat,” she says.

“I’m really proud to be married to somebody who aged 27 had the vision to put it together,” Camilla says. “It was an incredible idea then, and he was very young then to think of it, to think of these very disadvantaged young people who’d literally been through hell and back. And to find a way to give them a second chance in life.”

Asked about how he keeps going, she says, “He just has that energy. If we are passionate about something, you can do it. He care so much bout these young people. He does have incredible energy . . . He loves it, you can’t do something unless you love it.”

In one of several meetings with the presenters, known as Ant and Dec, Charles refers to Camilla as his “darling” and opens up about how she supports him. She backs him “just by being there and being wonderfully encouraging and supportive,” he says. “Particularly if you know somebody’s on your side. Whatever happens.”

His sons, Princes William and Harry, also warmly back their dad for being an inspiration in sticking to his guns and seeing his key charity make an impact to thousands of young people.

William, 33, says he “respects” Charles for the way he has an “insurmountable amount of duty” and how he is “incredibly driven to do his duty.”

“It can’t be easy to have taken so many knocks over the years and you still keep going and fighting as much as he has,” William says.

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As for any criticism his dad has faced, William says, “I think he relishes the challenge. He’s had such a difficult time in getting across some of his points and some of his issues.”

Sitting alongside his brother at Kensington Palace, Harry, 31, says his dad is someone he can turn to when he’s in a “pickle” or needs to “offload stuff.” And “he’s guaranteed to have at least one if not two people who are specialists in that area, and they can get things done.”

In the illuminating film, Charles’s sons talk briefly about growing up at Kensington Palace, and Harry says, now in this second period of living there as an adult, he can sometimes hear the clatter of the plastic tractor wheels that toddler Prince George loves playing on, while William speaks of how fatherhood has changed him.

In the film, the princes fondly joke about how cringe-making dad Charles would be the only one in a school theater laughing at something he had spotted in a production – causing them embarrassment as his chuckles echoed around the hall.