Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Say Life With Two Kids Under Two Is 'Tougher' But Has 'Twice the Love'

Prince Carl Philip said their new life with two children is "chaos"

Kungliga slottet, September 2017 Prins Carl Philip, Prinsessan Sofia, Prins Alexander och Prins Gabriel
Photo: Erika Gerdemark, The Royal Court, Sweden

Though a recent portrait of Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia with their two young sons may depict a practically perfect young family, away from the cameras, the seemingly-poised parents admit that reality can paint a different picture.

In a new interview with Swedish magazine Kupé, Carl Philip confesses that having both a baby and a toddler under the same roof has made life at home “chaos.”

“It’s quite different having two children rather than just one,” the royal said.

According to Princess Sofia having both Prince Alexander, 18 months, and his baby brother Prince Gabriel, who was born on August 31, in the house makes for a lot of “diaper changes and sleepless nights.”

Though as Gabriel’s passed the two-month mark, Sofia says that things have calmed down — a little bit.

“We try to create as much family time as possible in the evenings, with bathing and getting into a nighttime routine,” she told Kupé. “Gabriel has started sleeping and eating more regularly.”

So is the worst is over? “Ask me again in a few months,” Princess Sofia laughed.

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Having two children, she says, is an adjustment, but a positive one. “We do get glimpses that it’s going to be tougher with two than with one,” she said, “But there is also twice as much love.”

Carl Philip agrees: “Gabriel and Alexander are still so small, but it’s so exciting to follow their development. It’s great to be part of their journey.”

And although in many respects the family is very fortunate, the mom of two said she and her husband share the same concerns about their kids’ future as everyone else.

“We’re worried about the same things as other parents like exclusion, and bullying,” said Princess Sofia, who, along with her husband, is spearheading an anti-bullying campaign through their foundation.

“We want our children to find a place in life where they feel safe,” she said of the campaign. “As parents we’ll do our best to create such a place.”

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