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October 20, 2016 09:55 AM

After six (sleepless!) months at home with newborn son Prince Alexander, training with the Swedish military was a walk in the park for new dad Prince Carl Philip!

The royal swapped diaper duty alongside wife Princess Sofia for a weekend spent head to toe in military-issue fatigues, boots and beret.

As a major in the nation’s Amphibious Corps, Carl Philip was on special duty Friday through Sunday as the unit participated in several strategic training exercises at the Stockholm archipelago.

Following briefing and preparation, the prince spent a day eating freeze-dried breakfast, lunch and dinner MRE-style (Meals Ready to Eat), followed by a night in the fields, sleeping under the stars.

The 37-year-old prince also reunited with other servicemen he’d first met during his training as a conscript.


“He thought it was great fun that to be back again and get up to speed with the exercises,” Major Kristina Swaan of Sweden’s Amfibieregementet (Amphibious Unit) told the Swedish newspaper, Expressen.

“Soldiers have day rations in a bag containing dried food for the whole day,” Swann said. “Both soldiers and officers eat breakfast lunch and dinner, and a little snack in the field.

“We practiced sjömålsstrid (attacking targets at sea), using robotic systems and support weapons.”

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Prince Carl Philip should certainly know the drill. He also served as a combat boat commander before graduating from the national military academy at Karlberg.

Since 2002, he’s been with the Amphibious Corps and was promoted to his current rank of major in 2014, according to Sweden’s Royal Palace.

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