December 14, 2015 12:35 PM

Prince Carl Philip is speaking out about his struggle with dyslexia.

The daredevil prince, whose passions include fast cars, hunting and other outdoor pursuits, is set to become a father when his wife Princess Sofia gives birth next year – and he’s determined no child will suffer stigma related to the learning disorder.

“Prince Carl Philip himself has dyslexia,” says Bengt-Erik Johansson of Sweden’s Dyslexia Association, of which Carl Philip was just named a patron. “He told me how important it is that children with reading and writing difficulties shouldn’t feel left out at school. He said that nothing makes him sadder than when someone’s considered stupid because of their dyslexia.

“This is huge for students in schools, not to feel alone out there. When even our prince has dyslexia, perhaps they won’t feel so isolated in the classroom and will go on to make progress at school,” Johansson told Sveriges Radio.

Dyslexia is often genetic and runs in the royal family. Both the prince’s father King Carl XVI Gustaf and his elder sister Crown Princess Victoria are also dyslexic.

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Prince Carl Philip, 36, visited the Dyslexia Association in May 2015, according to the Swedish Royal Court, after confronting his own literacy issues.

“I got red marks constantly. To read out loud before the whole class was a real pain,” the prince told Swedish broadcaster TV4 of school experiences during his youth.

He also alluded to his headline-making appearance at the 2013 Swedish sports awards gala Idrottsgalan, where he stumbled while announcing one of the winners.

The blunder caused a stir in the local press, with the prince saying, “it was a terrible feeling, being portrayed as stupid and unintelligent.”

Now unashamed to openly discuss his struggles with reading and writing, in March 2015 the prince put his experiences to good use by helping organize a major dyslexia conference to help children experiencing reading and writing problems.

So perhaps it’s unsurprising that other family members see him becoming a great dad in due course.

His brother-in-law Chris O’Neill, who is married to his younger sister Princess Madeleine, says Carl Philip often gets on the floor to play with his nieces Princess Estelle and Princess Leonore.

“He’s so warm and kind with the kids,” O”Neill recently said during a Swedish TV interview. “It’s an amazing thing to see in action.”

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