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August 31, 2015 06:20 PM

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden stepped out again – this time to pay tribute to the prince’s late aunt Lilian.

Sweden’s stylish newlyweds traded the country gear they sported on a muddy outing earlier this month for smart city clothes to grace the opening of a new exhibition at Stockholm’s Royal Palace on Friday.

“Clothes of a Princess – the Lilian Look” celebrates the chic style of the woman who was hidden from public view for years.

Like Princess Sofia herself, Lilian Davies was a model who became a princess when she married Sweden’s Prince Bertil in 1976.

Different rules of succession prevailing in Europe during the 20th century meant the couple’s romance was secret until their wedding.

But the divorced miner’s daughter from Wales became a much-loved matriarch throughout Scandinavia who, when she died in March 2013, was given a formal Swedish state funeral. Had she lived, August 30 would have seen her celebrate her 100th birthday.

It is sometimes said that the clothes make the woman. But with Princess Lilian it was the opposite. In her case, it was the woman who made the clothes,” said Queen Silvia according to Sweden’s Expressen.

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The Queen, accompanied by her son Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, was speaking Friday night before the opening of the show, which highlights 30 years of vintage couture from Princess Lilian’s amazing wardrobe.

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