Prince Albert Says His 2-Year-Old Twins 'Already Know Who Donald Trump Is'

The 2-year-old twins just got the hang of their ABCs and they've already moved on to world leaders!

Source: Prince's Palace of Monaco/Facebook
Photo: Source: Prince's Palace of Monaco/Facebook

Prince Albert’s royal twins— 2-year-old Prince Jacques and Princess Gabrielle — just got the hang of their ABCs and they’ve already moved on to world leaders!

“They already know who Donald Trump is. They know who the president of France is,” and, Albert adds, “Vladimir Putin.”

“You ask them, ‘Who is the head of Russia?’ And yes, they actually reply, ‘Putin’ “

The proud royal dad credits doting mom Princess Charlene with the twins’ development.

“[Gabriella] was the first with letters and numbers, but Jacques has caught up with her now,” Prince Albert tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I think that’s entirely Charlene’s influence, and they are both pretty even.”

Monaco Royal Twins - 2
Eric Mahon/Courtesy of Prince's Palace

Up next for the twins? An epic egg hunt!

The Monaco royals have a knack for celebrations — and Easter is no exception.

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Last December, the couple’s twins were treated to a safari-themed birthday party, and their first palace Christmas bash. Now, they have a big Easter surprise in store.

“This will be their first Easter egg hunt,” Albert says.

The royal family had one scheduled last year, but it was canceled due to severe storms. This year, Albert and Charlene are determined to make up for lost time.

“We’ll kind of have to point them in the right direction, but afterwards, they’re pretty self-directed,” the prince says. “They pick things up really quickly now — especially Gabriella. She’s especially smart with things like that.”

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