Prince Albert Calls Donald Trump 'Dangerous' on Climate Change

"I was pretty shocked when I heard his climate change denial," the Monaco royal tells PEOPLE

Photo: MARKUS SCHOLZ/AFP/Getty; Noam Galai/WireImage

Prince Albert has long been an outspoken climate change activist — which is why he says Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is “dangerous.”

The Monaco royal, who visited the U.S. this week with wife Princess Charlene, told PEOPLE of Trump, “I was pretty shocked when I heard his climate change denial. It’s dangerous to have someone like this running for office, someone who can have people believing it’s all a conspiracy.”

During his visit to New York, the royal met with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and presented him with the documents of ratification of the Paris agreements, the framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that came out of last year’s COP21.

The U.S. ratified in April and the Prince says that while the trigger number of 55 nations is approaching, “we’ve still a few to go.”

COP22, which opens Nov. 7 in Marrakesh, will once again reflect the prince’s long-term advocacy for ocean protection. Similar to COP21, the Morocco conference will feature discussions chaired by Prince Albert “to promote better understanding of the issues affecting our oceans. These include overfishing and pollution, the need for more protected areas, how better care needs to be implemented and progress on the negotiations concerning the legal status of the high seas which the U.N. has been working on,” he says.

On Monday, Albert and Charlene attended the annual Princess Grace Foundation dinner in New York, the charity event celebrating the Grace Kelly‘s involvement in the arts. The following day, he made a quick visit to the newly purchased family home in Philadelphia’s East Falls neighborhood that once belonged to Grace. “It feels good to be a new homeowner — and know I’ll have a place when I’m in the U.S.,” he told PEOPLE last week.

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