While Pippa's Aspinal of London's Marylebone Tech Tote charges her phone on the go, the royal sibling boosts the luxury leather goods firm's sales.

By Monique Jessen
February 26, 2016 03:25 PM

The future is here, and it’s Pippa Middleton‘s purse.

Princess Kate‘s younger sister is a fan of handbag designer Aspinal of London’s cell phone-charging tote, creative director Mariya Dykalo revealed to PEOPLE at their recent London Fashion Week event.

“Pippa’s favorite bag is the Marylebone,” says Dykalo.

Specifically the Marylebone Tech Tote, which has a concealed phone charger in the inside pocket – perfect for busy women on the go. Pippa, who owns a large monochrome version and a large navy one (retailing for $1,325 each), also has a tan version in their non-tech design ($940).

“Pippa is very stylish, classy and elegant,” says Dykalo adding: “The whole Middleton family love the brand and they have been great supporters.”

Aspinal of London, which was originally established in 2000 to supply British artisan-made leather stationery and accessories to the world’s finest museums and galleries, has seen sales surge as a result of the Middleton’s support. (Kate also has a clutch of theirs).

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“There is always such a great response when people see Pippa with our bags, ” says the Ukraine-born Dykalo, who notes that the “Pippa effect” is especially strong in two places: “Customers from America and China, they really love the royal connection.”

And on the back of the royally successful Marylebone, which is handmade from calf leather, the brand is taking the tech trend to the next level with their Editor’s Tote for Autumn/Winter 2016. Not only does it feature Pippa’s favorite phone-charging function, but it also the removable Aspinal Tracking Tile, allowing you to track your bag to its last location.