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August 31, 2015 05:15 PM

Achieving Pippa Middleton‘s bikini body requires a formidable amount of hard work. (As in, training for a 47-mile “swim-run” in the ice-cold waters off Sweden.)

Fortunately, nabbing her sexy bikini just got a little easier.

To show off the results of her daunting training regimen during a recent getaway to St. Barts, Princess Kate‘s sister, who turns 32 on September 6, chose the Biondi Opal Beaded Tri Bikini from one of her favorite London retailers, Biondi Boutique.

The $276 string bikini, which features a striking print and beaded trim, “highlights her sporty figure so well,” Claudine Davies, owner and founder of Biondi Couture, tells PEOPLE.

“We particularly love the picture of Pippa paddleboarding as, only recently, we were discussing in the boutique how much we all love this water sport!” adds Davies. (We whole-heartedly agree: Not only is paddleboarding fun, but it comes with the added benefit of body-flattering perfect posture. Not that Pippa needs the help.) “Designer swimwear should not just be about design but – most importantly – fit well and provide full functionality. So this picture is a perfect reflection of the Biondi Collection ethos.”

A longtime fan of the brand, “Pippa fell for quite a few of this season s Biondi swimwear styles from our boutique on her recent visit,” adds Davies. “We design all of our prints so she probably loves the fact that they are exclusive to us as well as our attention to detailing.”

Pippa has been flaunting her hard-bodied physique during her luxurious late-summer vacation with her mom Carole, brother James and their pal, investment banker James Matthews.

But for the fitness-mad Middleton siblings, vacation is hardly the time for daiquiris and hammocks. In addition to paddleboarding, Pippa and 28-year-old James will no doubt have been making the most of the open sea to get some last-minute swim practice in as they prepare to compete in the Otillo Swim-Run World Championship in the waters around Sweden’s Stockholm archipelago on September 7.

“I think Otillo by far is her toughest challenge yet, because swimming between the islands, she will just be looking down at dark blue sea,” Ross Turner, extreme endurance trainer at London’s Matt Roberts tells PEOPLE, adding: “Keeping your mind focused for such long periods of time is a unique skill, and it’s going to be hard.”

Having notched up at least seven extreme sporting events over the last five years, including a bicycle relay across the U.S. with James and a scorching African marathon in high-altitude (which she did one week after a 54-mile charity bike race, again with James), Pippa is effectively in training year-round. For Otillo, a dusk-to-dawn race on land and water that is dauntingly billed as the “mother of all swim-runs,” the Middleton siblings not named Kate will team up with their St. Barts vacation buddies, including Matthews and Swedish pal Jons Bartholdsons. (Pippa and Jons will be on one team while James and Matthews will be in another.)

“Basically you race in pairs, and you have to be within 32 feet of each other and it’s a total of more than 40 miles of running and 6 miles of swimming, racing between 26 islands of the Stockholm archipelago”, Otillo founder Michael Lemmel tells PEOPLE. Having spoken to Pippa several times, does he detect a hint of nerves? “No!”

When it comes to nutrition, Pippa has said she doesn’t follow a specific diet, “but I do believe in making healthy choices,” she wrote in one of her monthly columns for Britain’s Waitrose Weekend magazine.

Those choices mean “keeping refined carbs such as white bread and pasta to a minimum, and sticking to sensible portion sizes,” with “a little of the naughty stuff sprinkled in – I’m talking chocolate, crisps, and the occasional glass of wine.”

The occasional glass of wine – worked off with a 47-miler.

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