The Folkestone, Kent., native is a sports-playing stockbroker who may have swept Pippa off her feet

By Simon Perry
March 16, 2013 12:00 PM

Pippa Middleton has been linked with several men since she first turned heads at the wedding of her sister Kate two years ago. But one man has now emerged as a serious contender for long-term suitor: Nico Jackson.

Jackson, 35, was spotted kissing his athletic girlfriend, 29, on the slopes of St. Moritz, Switzerland, this week, after they took part in the grueling Engadin Skimarathon. And he’s already taken a family holiday with her.

So, who is the man who’s been accompanying Pippa on the Alpine slopes and shores of Caribbean islands? Here are five things to know about him:

1. He’s middle class, not upper crust.
Pippa has dabbled in aristocrats – her ex George Percy is heir to the Northumberland estate used in the Harry Potter movies – and privately educated young men. But Jackson has a distinctly middle-class background, having grown up in a terraced house in Folkestone, Kent.

2. He has a career in finance.
Jackson was educated at the Harvey Grammar School in Folkestone, where he reportedly played soccer, cricket and tennis. With other “old boys” from his school, he took part in a soccer tour in the U.S. After leaving, he earned a business studies degree at Kingston University and is now a stockbroker with Deutsche Bank.

3. He’s well equipped for ski trips.
Happily for blue-eyed Jackson, he can get his hands on ski wear easily – he’s the son of Ulrike and Martyn Jackson, who run a sportswear firm in Folkestone, which is 70 miles southeast of London.

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4. He and Pippa hit it off right away.
The couple are believed to have met last fall, and it must be serious – Jackson joined the Middletons on their recent trip to Mustique.

5. He has his family’s support.
Jackson’s mother’s happy, as long as her boy is happy. She told the Daily Mail that Pippa “is absolutely charming. … We’re all just very pleased.”