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January 25, 2016 02:30 PM

Pippa Middleton knows exactly how to stay warm in freezing weather: Break out the Schnapps and fondue!

After Princess Kate‘s sister, 32, completed a seriously scary downhill ski race on Saturday, she celebrated in classic Alpine style.

“She was planning to enjoy a cheese fondue and one or two Schnapps with her friends from the ski club,” a source at the race tells PEOPLE. “I believe she was staying in a private chalet with friends.”

Middleton came in 67th out of 105 participants in the legendary Inferno race in Switzerland. The world’s longest downhill ski race, it is famous for its challenging turns and twists as well as uphill sections. The adrenaline junkie, who completed the race in just 12 minutes and 28 seconds, crossed the finish line punching her fists in the air for joy (and relief!).

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Talking to local Geneva-based Blick before the race, Middleton shared her tactics for the 9.3-mile race.

“I try not to push myself too much that I have a bad fall – but we’ll see!” she said.

As for her love of extreme sporting challenges, she explained, “Some people call me competitive, but I just enjoy the sport of it and it’s great to participate in something with such great history as well.”

Having notched up at least eight extreme sporting events over the last five years including a 3,000-mile bike relay cycle across the U.S. and a Kenyan marathon in high-altitude (which she did one week after a 54-mile charity bike race in the U.K.), Middleton appeared to make easy work of her latest challenge – even as she admitted the challenges.

“The light was quite low and it was very icy,” she said after the event. “It was great fun – a really fantastic race.”

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