PHOTOS: Our Dream Cast for Feud: Charles and Diana

With the news that Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship is headed to the small screen in Ryan Murphy's Feud anthology series, we offer up our casting suggestions

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Rosamund Pike as Princess Diana

Xiong Yu/VCG via Getty; Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty

Just like Diana, the Gone Girl star is a true English rose with a hint of imperfect beauty. She has also shown she has the emotional range to pull off Diana’s complexities, along with a subtle streak of unpredictability.

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Prince Charles

Angela Weiss/Getty; David Levenson/Getty

Look at Charles's facial shape — now look at Cumberbatch. Not so different, right? The Sherlock star already has experience playing the son of a monarch: He starred in Hamlet on the West End nearly two years ago.

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Kate Winslet as Camilla Parker-Bowles

Jim Spellman/WireImage; Tim Graham/Getty

Although she is now happily married to Prince Charles, 30 years ago she was the “third person” in Diana and Charles’s troubled marriage. The Oscar winner could spark serious heat with Cumberbatch — and go toe-to-toe with Pike.

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Jessica Lange as Queen Elizabeth II

Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic; Tim Graham/Getty

Though she isn't British, Murphy favorite Lange, who is starring in the the first cycle of Feud, could still steal the second. She played a matriarch several times in American Horror Story, so would surely be at home playing the ultimate matriarch, who must deal with her son's failing marriage.

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Angela Lansbury as the Queen Mother

Mireya Acierto/FilmMagic; Tim Graham/Getty

Lansbury is the quintessential British grandmother — so it only makes sense that she plays the woman, who, for years, was the nation's grandmother.

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Jacob Tremblay as Prince William

Jason Merritt/Getty; Keystone/Getty

The 10-year-old Room star has serious acting chops to bring to the role of a young Prince William, who must deal with his parents' animosity towards one another.

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Oliver and Zac Barker as Prince Harry

Tim P. Whitby/Getty; Tim Graham/Getty

You'll recognize these little blonde twins from their turn as young Master George (Lady Mary’s son) in Downton Abbey. After playing the son of an aristocrat, they're ready to move on to playing the son of royalty. Plus, they already know Rosamund Pike from their cameo in A United Kingdom, so playing family will be a cinch.

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Charles Dance as Prince Philip

Danny Martindale/WireImage; Tim Graham/Getty

The former Game of Thrones star's resemblance to Queen Elizabeth's husband is undeniable. And as he proved as Tywin Lannister on GoT, he has the regal bearing and lion-like pride of an unyielding family patriarch.

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Matthew Lewis as Prince Andrew

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty; Jim Smeal/WireImage

Lewis is no longer the Neville Longbottom you once knew — and now he could work his magic as Charles’s handsome and charming younger brother.

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Isla Fisher as Sarah, Duchess of York

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Georges De Keerle/Getty

Yes, she has the duchess’s famous flaming red tresses, but more importantly, the Nocturnal Animals star has a mischievous glint that’s perfect for the fun-loving Fergie.

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Sarah Paulson as Princess Anne

Mathew Imaging/WireImage; Tim Graham/Getty

Come on, would it really be a Ryan Murphy production without Sarah Paulson in it? She and the Queen's only daughter share a similarly oval-shaped face, and Paulson has a can-do vibe that echoes the no-nonsense Anne. Plus, after American Horror Story: Coven, we know that she and Lange have no problem playing mother and daughter.

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Damian Lewis as James Hewitt

Jim Spellman/WireImage; J. Quinton/WireImage

Dashing and ginger, he could bring his Wolf Hall expertise to the royal proceedings as Diana’s former love.

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