Oops! The Royal Family's Website May Have Just Accidentally Spoiled the Royal Baby's Name

Looks like it may have been a royal slip-up

No one is safe from a technical glitch — not even the royal family.

The royal family’s web developer may have inadvertently spoiled the name of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s third child — which could may be Albert — on the family’s website. On the site, there are pages for several members of the family, which you can access by typing in each name (separated by dashes, of course) following the main site’s URL: royal.uk. You can find pages there for Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Charles and many more.

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The page for royal.uk/prince-albertHowever, if you type royal.uk/prince-arthur — another one of the most frequently-speculated names for the little royal — you get a “Page Not Found” screen.

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Albert has been a frontrunner for the new royal baby for quite some time now – British bookmakers had odds for the name as low as 5-1 at one point, and it’s easy to see why. Albert has been a popular name in the British royal family ever since the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840, it’s appeared in nearly every generation of the family in some way. It was King George VI’s birth name — the name he used before he ascended the throne and adopted his regnal name in 1936 following his brother’s abdication. It’s also one of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry’s middle names. If Albert is in fact the baby’s name, we might be able to take it as a nod to the little boy’s uncle.

Of course, nothing is certain until William and Kate announce the news themselves. But it’s one of the few potential signs we’ve gotten so far about the new little prince’s name since his arrival on Monday at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. And if it is the case, then welcome to the family, little Albert!

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