Royal Oops! Norway's Princess Martha Louise Forgets to Turn off Oven: 'I Am Glad the House Didn't Burn Down'

"I had forgotten the bread, so the loaves were completely black," the princess said

Photo: Tim Rooke/REX Shutterstock

Norway’s Princess Martha Louise might want to keep the royal fire extinguisher handy!

“You know that feeling when you’ve dropped the kids at school and suddenly remember you’ve left bread baking in the oven?” Princess Martha Louise wrote on her Facebook page on Monday.

The royal mom of three returned from the morning school run to find a fire truck in the driveway of her home.

The emergency crew was responding to an automatic fire alarm triggered by smoke billowing from her kitchen.

“There was lots of smoke, but fortunately no fire. I am glad that the house didn’t burn down,” the princess told the Norwegian newspaper Avisa Nordland.

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“I had forgotten the bread, so the loaves were completely black,” the princess told reporters at Change the World 2015 – a “spiritual detox” event run by Soulspring, the holistic and spiritual health foundation she first became involved with in 2007.

“We came out to Burud Road responding to the alarm. Once we ascertained there were no open flames, and the smoke had been bought under control, we left,” Duty Fire Chief Ansgar Danielsen told the Norwegian journal Seher.

The princess, 44, lives in Lommedalen, a rural district 15 miles north west of Oslo, with her husband, the author Ari Behn, 43, their daughters, Maud Angelica, 12, Leah Isadora, 10 and Emma Tallulah, 8, and their dog Xavanna.

The family moved back to Norway in May 2014 after living in the North London district of Islington for more than two years.

“I’m just glad that I can be here tonight,” the princess, who has also worked on TV and as an author, told an audience Monday night in the small town of Bodo, just north of the Arctic Circle.

“I react to odor,” said the princess, who is fourth in line to the Norwegian throne. “When I was little, I reacted intensely to the scent of Chanel No. 5. My mother (Queen Sonja) only wore the perfume when she went out, never otherwise, she’s not vain. But for me, the problem was that the fragrance took away the good mommy smell.”

“But whether it is scorched bread forgotten in the oven, or something else, we must cope with life no matter what happens,” she added. “It’s about being present.”

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