The series cost Netflix $156 million to produce

By Diana Pearl
January 06, 2016 04:50 PM

Netflix and chill – with the Queen!

The first trailer for Netflix’s much-anticipated original series, The Crown, which focuses on Queen Elizabeth II (played by Claire Foy) in her younger years, is finally here.

The series begins in the years just before her coronation, and in this short preview, we see glimpses of the royal’s 1947 wedding, her uncle, Edward VIII, who famously abdicated in 1936, Prince Charles and Princess Anne as kids and lots of tiaras.

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The four-minute trailer proves that the Queen’s been holding her own on the throne from day one. There’s political drama, courtesy of Winston Churchill (played by John Lithgow), who chastises the young Elizabeth for making a personal decision without “government approval,” as well as romance – and romantic tension, thanks to Prince Philip (Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith), who struggles to find his footing in his royal marriage.

“Are you my wife or my queen?” he asks, to which Elizabeth replies, “I am both,” before making him bow to her at her coronation. A power move if we’ve ever seen one!

Queen Elizabeth’s Changing Looks

The Crown looks like a combination of Downton Abbey and House of Cards – with a pinch of real-life intrigue.

The series is also the most expensive original that Netflix has ever produced – it cost the company $156 million to create. And if we’d have to venture a guess, the crown jewels replicas may have something to with that hefty price tag.

The series drops this year, but the trailer doesn’t say when. So there’s only one thing to do: Check Netflix every day until it appears.