Prince Albert's Toddler Twins Steal the Show at Monaco's National Day Ceremony

Monaco's Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella appeared twice during the National Day celebrations

Monaco’s littlest royals, 2-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, joined their parents Prince Albert and Princess Charlene to celebrate National Day on Sunday, appearing twice to the joy of the gathered crowd.

Jacques’ blond head was visible just above the balustrade as the windows opened amid the ceremony. Beside him, his sister Princess Gabriella danced to the military band, occasionally throwing kisses and waving to the crowd.

While Prince Albert took salutes in the palace forecourt below from the carabineri — Monaco’s soldiers, celebrating their 200th anniversary — Princess Charlene doted on Jacques, primping his new haircut.

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Princess Charlene was dressed for the occasion in a deep blue coat with a wide-brimmed hat, while her mini-me Gabriella sported a dress decorated in flowers.

When Prince Albert joined his family in the balcony window, he lifted Gabriella up into his arms while Princess Charlene held Jacques.

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The children then disappeared from the window and the period military cortege passed by.

After the ceremonies ended, the crowd below waved flags and banners and cheered “Hip hip hoorary” to call for the royal family to return for another appearance. Prince Albert and a smiling Princess Charlene returned to wave to the crowd.

When a call went up imploring “les enfants” come back to the window, Albert put his hands to the side of his head in mime, indicating the children had gone for a nap.

The twins will celebrate their third birthday next month, on December 10th.

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