Monaco's Prince Albert Celebrates 61st Birthday with His Cute Twins – and Cake Fit for a Royal!

Prince Albert said last year, "Sixty is the new forty!"

Happy birthday to you, Prince Albert!

It was a small celebration with a family-sized cake lit up by four candles – and two delighted children! – for Monaco’s Prince Albert this year.

The son of Princess Grace, who turned 61 on Thursday, marked the occasion at home with Princess Charlene and their children, 4-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. Charlene shared three photos of the mini party, showing Princess Gabriella particular enthralled by the sparkler candle display.

And what do you get a prince? A rugby shirt!

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.23.06 AM
HSH Princess Charlene/Instagram
Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.22.59 AM
Prince Jacques, Prince Albert and Princess Gabriella. HSH Princess Charlene/Instagram
Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.22.42 AM
Prince Jacques, Prince Albert and Princess Gabriella. HSH Princess Charlene/Instagram

While celebrating his milestone 60th birthday last year, Prince Albert showed no signs of slowing down.

“Haven’t you heard? Sixty is the new 40!” he told PEOPLE.

The royal couple decided to postpone celebrating their separate landmarks (Princess Charlene turned 40 on January 25 of last year) and instead hosted a joint “Happy 100th” celebration (60 + 40) for the public over the summer.

The at-home birthday celebration has become the Grimaldi family tradition – and it comes weeks after a very special vacation. Last month, Charlene introduced the twins to South Africa, the country where she was raised.

During their extended visit, they caught up with her family outside Johannesburg in South Africa, celebrating her father’s birthday at a favorite steakhouse, before joining Prince Albert (who arrived after a trip to India) at a wildlife preserve in the eastern KwaZulu-Natal province.

A video posted to Instagram by Charlene captioned “First African Experience” shows the young royals set to a soundtrack of South African pop singer Johnny Clegg’s “Searching For The Great Heart.”

The excursion, which occurred over the children’s winter school break, fulfills a long-expressed wish of Charlene’s to share her home continent (she was born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa) with her two children.

“I am African, this is my home,” the 41-year-old royal said during her visit to Johannesburg two years ago. “It will always be.”

She continued, “It’s in my heart, it’s in my veins and it always will be. I can’t wait for [my children] to come here. I can’t wait to introduce them to Africa.”

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