After Meghan Markle says "I do" to her prince next month, what will be her title as a member of the royal family?

After Meghan Markle says “I do” to her prince next month, what will be her title as a member of the royal family?

Although Meghan will be a princess of the U.K., she won’t be given an official princess title. Most insiders believe that if the Queen hands her grandson, Prince Harry, a royal dukedom, like Prince William received upon his 2011 wedding, he will be made the Duke of Sussex on his own wedding day. That would make Meghan the Duchess of Sussex, mirroring Kate’s title of the Duchess of Cambridge.

When Kate Middleton married Prince William, the couple received their royal titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. As the next in line to the throne behind Prince Charles, William is expected to become the Prince of Wales — and Kate, therefore, the Princess of Wales — when Charles ascends the throne. (Princess Diana, of course, was previously the Princess of Wales.)

However, Kate did list “Princess of the United Kingdom” as her official occupation on Prince George’s birth certificate — right under William’s occupation of “Prince of the United Kingdom.”

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Other possibilities for Harry and Meghan’s titles include the Duke and Duchess of Clarence and Avondale, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor — but considering that the last Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII) abdicated the throne to marry his divorced American wife, that seems unlikely.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Visit Northern Ireland

“Unless they create a new title for them, I think the Duke of Sussex is the most likely title,” Joe Little of Majesty magazine told PEOPLE. “Otherwise, Meghan would be known as Princess Henry of Wales and people wouldn’t not understand that these days. But they may surprise us.”

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Visit Northern Ireland
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As Meghan and Harry’s wedding date approaches, the couple has revealed several key details about their big day, including their wedding photographer, floral designer and the pastry chef behind their lemon and elderflower cake.

And with just weeks to go before she walks down the aisle, Meghan is making sure everything is in place before she joins the royal family. The bride-to-be paid a visit to Chicago last week as she finalizing her application for a U.K. visa, and ultimately secures her U.K. citizenship.