July 02, 2018 12:45 PM

Meghan Markle has charmed even the littlest of fans!

The duchess’s mom skills were on display over the weekend as she chatted with a family friend’s young daughter while watching new husband Prince Harry play in a polo match.

Meghan, 36, attended the Audi Polo Cup in Ascot, England, this past Saturday and Sunday to support Harry, who was playing in the match with his brother, Prince William. Meghan was spotted on the sidelines squatting at eye level with a little girl and holding her hands. According to reports, the young girl is Isabella Dyer, the daughter of Mark Dyer, who is a close friend of Harry’s.

Meghan Markle excited fans who are eager to see her become a mom when she chatted with a little girl at the Audi Polo Cup on June 30, 2018.
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Meghan gave her new young friend some special attention when she adopted one of William’s go-to parenting moves, the squat and chat, which creates a stronger connection with the child and boosts self-esteem, according to experts. The Duchess of Sussex bent down and clasped both of the little girl’s hands as they chatted.

Meghan Markle crouches down to chat with a little girl at the Audi Polo Cup on June 30, 2018.
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Meghan is no stranger to relating to little ones. She is godmother to her good friend Benita Litt’s two young daughters, and she included several young children in her royal wedding party, which included 10 kids under 7 as bridesmaids and page boys.

The little girl, thought to be Isabella Dyer, the daughter of an old friend of Prince Harry, smiles as she interacts with Meghan.
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The sweet moment has prompted royal fans to speculate when she and Harry will start their own family. They’ve both talked quite a bit about their love of kids and their hopes for starting a family in the near future.

Most recently, Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, told Good Morning Britain in June “there has to be child making somewhere soon.” When asked about baby plans, Harry said “of course” during the couple’s engagement interview last November. Meghan also dropped a subtle hint in March when she told the owners of an innovative baby product company that she and Harry will “need the whole thing” at some point.

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