Meghan Markle's Instagram-Worthy Tea Set Can Be Yours – Without a Royal Price Tag

Meghan Markle may have deleted her social media pages, but she's still got a knack for selecting the cutest shareable  pieces

Photo: Daniel Martin/Instagram; Getty Images

Meghan Markle may have deleted her social media pages and said goodbye to her lifestyle blog, but she’s still got a knack for selecting the perfect share-worthy pieces.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, the Duchess of Sussex’s friend and makeup artist Daniel Martin shared a snap of their meal — complete with tea and avocado toast.

“Back to our Tig days…❤️,” he captioned the post, referring to Meghan’s now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig. “Thank you Meghan for being the consummate hostess this weekend and still being the #avocadotoast whisperer, YUM!”

Meghan’s adorable tea set is from Soho Home, their Country House Teapot and matching cup and saucer. And they don’t come with a royal price tag – the teapot goes for $45, while the cup and saucer set is around $15, and both are still in stock.

Meghan and Martin, who created his longtime pal’s elegantly natural beauty look on her wedding day, appeared to feast on coffee truffles from the Sandringham range at Fortnum and Mason ($18).

Soho Home
Soho Home

Martin also posted a video on his Instagram Story, writing, “Weekend in London with my M,” seemingly referring to Meghan.

Daniel Martin/Instagram; Getty Images

A self-professed foodie, the former Suits actress often shared personal recipes on The Tig. She memorably once wrote on the lifestyle blog, “I was born and raised in Los Angeles, a California girl who lives by the ethos that most things can be cured with either yoga, the beach or a few avocados.”

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