Meghan Markle’s personal brow stylist explains exactly how to emulate the royal fiancée's bold and beautiful brows and reveals her go-to nail polish at the moment

January 08, 2018 03:32 PM

One of Meghan Markle‘s favorite beauty treatments is named after one of her favorite style inspirations — the original queen of the power brow — Audrey Hepburn.

“She has ‘The Audrey Brow’ treatment,” Meghan’s personal brow stylist, Sherrille Riley, tells PEOPLE, adding: “It’s particularly flattering on Meghan because it’s a really natural style and it really compliments her features — she’s a beautiful woman.”

Riley, who runs the Nails and Brow salon in London’s Mayfair, has been trusted with maintaining and shaping Meghan’s eyebrows since she first visited the boutique salon back in the summer of 2016 on personal recommendation by another member of the royal family.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty; Archive Photos/Getty

So what does the $65 treatment involve? “We do maintenance, tinting and threading and a bit of tweezing. The tint I use is brown with a hint of black which gives a really soft natural look.” For the finishing touch, Riley uses her Beauty Edit Mayfair brow pencil in Dark Dahlia. “It’s just about accentuating her features in the most natural way,” says Riley, who also looks after Princess Beatrice’s brows.

Nails & Brows salon
Courtesy Nails & Brows Salon

For those who can’t plan a trip to the celeb-loved salon (Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Halle Berry are all fans), Riley says the first tip to emulate Meghan’s brows is to fully grow them out. Then “try to shape the brows as straight as possible, making sure that the tail ends are lifted upwards. Fill in any gaps with a brow pencil,” she says — and voila!

Nails & Brows salon
Courtesy Nails & Brows Salon

Meghan also enjoys regular manicures and pedicures at the luxury salon which has been open since 2014. Opting for a natural nail treatment, rather than gels, she sits in the communal nail area and chats to everyone as her nails are painted. “She tends to go for quite natural colors as she’s quite a natural, understated person and she normally goes for matching colors [on her hands and toes] — lots of creams and very pale pinks,” confirms Riley.

Nails & Brows salon
Courtesy Nails & Brows Salon

On her last visit, Meghan opted for a pale pink nail polish called Rose Milk from toxin-free brand Kure Bazaar, which she had on both her hands and toes (three coats for the toes!). And she is also a fan of the Essie range of colors (just like the Queen and Kate Middleton!), often choosing the most natural of shades.

And there are no airs and graces when the royal bride-to-be stops by. “Meghan is very relaxed and it’s just like talking to any other person, which is refreshing. She is very real and very natural and very, very smart,” says Riley, who says she initially had no idea who her client was or who she was dating. “She’s confidant but in a soft, friendly way and very matter-of-fact – she has a real presence about her.”

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