Members of the British royal family historically do not vote in elections and remain politically neutral


Meghan Markle's recent appearance encouraging people to vote in the upcoming U.S. election led to some backlash, but celebrities are jumping to her defense.

Last week, the Duchess of Sussex joined the virtual When All Women Vote #CouchParty alongside The United State of Women and Glamour, celebrating 100 years since the 19th Amendment allowed women to vote in the U.S. Although Meghan did not endorse any specific candidate or party, she repeatedly spoke of the "change" she hoped to see in the November election.

Members of the British royal family historically do not vote in elections and remain politically neutral, although there is no law forbidding it — and some criticized Meghan, 39, for breaking with tradition.

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British TV personality Piers Morgan tweeted, "The Queen must strip the Sussexes of their titles. They can’t remain as royals & spout off about foreign elections in such a brazenly partisan way."

Bette Midler responded to the tweet, "Oh, f— off."

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Meghan Markle Makes Her Most Political Statement Yet
Meghan Markle
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Jameela Jamil also supported Meghan, tweeting that the royal family "may be more embarrassed" by Prince Andrew following accusations of a sexual encounter with an underage woman and his ties to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

"I *THINK* they may be more embarrassed by their alleged resident pedo Andrew who was besties with a sex trafficker, than an American supporting women voting in her own country, and loosely referencing the importance of general democracy which is being threatened here currently," The Good Place actress, who Meghan selected to be one of the cover stars on her guest-edited issue of British Vogue last year, wrote.

Jamil also responded to a fan's question asking why people want to "hate" Meghan.

"Because she’s not white," she said. "And because she’s smart, strong, opinionated, rebellious, beautiful, happy and has everything they never will. She’s a terrifying threat to patriarchy because she doesn’t fit the stereotype for women. They discredit her because they can’t kill her."

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During the virtual meeting last week, Meghan said, "When I think about voting and why this is so exceptionally important for all of us, I would frame it as, we vote to honor those who came before us, and to protect those who will come after us. Because that's what community is all about. And that's specifically what this election is all about. I think we're only 75 days away from election day. That is so very close, and yet there is so much work to be done in that amount of time."

"We all know what's at stake this year," she continued. "I know it. And all of you certainly know it if you're here on this fun event with this, then you're all just as mobilized and just as energized to see the change that we all need and deserve."