The royal-to-be has acted in a lot more than just Suits

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Before she was a royal fiancée, before she was the star of Suits, Meghan Markle was just an actress trying to make it big in Hollywood. And that dream came with plenty of guest star stints and background parts in movies before Meghan worked her way up to leading roles in Hallmark movies, a quick role in a Jennifer Aniston film and of course, Suits, her big break.

Curious about Meghan’s cinematic life before Harry? We’ve chronicled each and every last one of her on-screen roles — and found where you can watch them, too!

1. General Hospital.

Like so many other actors, Meghan got her start on a soap. Her first credit was on an episode of General Hospital as a nurse named Jill, who had no real role on the series besides being an extra. The episode aired in 2002, while she was still a student at Northwestern University. Unfortunately, no trace of the episode seems to exist online — besides an IMDb credit.

2. Century City.

Meghan then went two years without appearing on screen again, before landing her first true acting role on the one-season futuristic legal series. As Natasha, she had one line: “Here’s to Tom Montero, who had the vision to install this amazing virtual assistant,” that she recited during a birthday party planned by said virtual assistant. Thankfully, a video of the scene still exists on YouTube. (Keep an eye out for costar — and future Oscar winner — Viola Davis!)

3. Cuts.

In 2005, Meghan appeared on an episode of Cuts, a spinoff of One to One about a hair salon that aired for two seasons. Sadly, not much is now known about Meghan’s stint as “Cori” on Cuts, and the show doesn’t seem to be available to stream online.

4. A Lot Like Love

Her first venture into film came in A Lot Like Love, which starred Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher. Though she’s only credited as “Hot Girl,” her character actually introduces herself as Natalie. Her brief, 30-second stint in the film involves her sitting next to Kutcher’s character on a plane as she flirts with another random stranger. And yes, there’s a YouTube clip.

5. Love, Inc.

It was back to television for Meghan’s fifth credit, an episode of the one-season Busy Philipps show Love, Inc. It was a significant role for Meghan, as it seems to be the first character she played that had a real story arc. She plays Teresa Santos, a subway cashier who has two men vying for her affection — including her boss. She was 23 at the time of the episode’s debut. And while a video doesn’t seem to exist of the episode, photos do!

6. The War at Home.

In The War at Home, Markle plays an insurance saleswoman named Susan who is the object of (unrequited) affection of the show’s lead, played by Michael Rapaport (he played the cop Phoebe dated in Friends!). Fun fact: The War at Home was one of Rami Malek’s first major roles, too.

7. Deceit

Her first TV movie was called Deceit. She played Gwen, which was a small role in a film about a man who has an affair with his best friend’s wife after returning to his hometown following his father’s death. She encourages a friend to look into a woman’s past in her brief cameo in the film.

8. CSI: NY

Like many budding actors, Meghan eventually made an appearance on a CSI series. She played Veronica Perez, a maid who is a suspect in a murder investigation after a man she was secretly engaged to was found dead. And yes, it’s on YouTube.

9. Good Behavior

Meghan started to move on to bigger things in her next TV movie, Good Behavior. She had a more substantial role as Sadie Valencia in the film, which is about a mob family that tries to leave their crime-committing ways in the past. She starred alongside some big names in the project, including Catherine O’Hara, Jeffrey Tambor and her future Suits co-star, Patrick J. Adams. Sadly, there seems to be no trace of this film on the Internet.

10. 90210.

Meghan went through a Hollywood right of passage as a twenty-something who plays a teenager: She was 27 when her episodes of 90210 premiered. She was only in the first two episodes of the series, playing Wendy, a character who has a risqué car scene in a high school parking lot.

11. ‘Til Death.

Meghan acted alongside Brad Garrett in an episode of the four-season-long show ‘Til Death. She played a car saleswoman named Tara in a brief spot in the series. Unfortunately, the only clip available of Meghan’s stint is dubbed in Russian.

12. The Apostles

There’s very little information out there about her next TV movie, The Apostles. It’s about cops. There’s no video. That’s about it.

13. Knight Rider.

In the 2009 remake of Knight Rider, Meghan shows off her muscles in a boxing scene.

14. An episode of Without a Trace.

She appeared in an episode of Without a Trace, which centered on a missing college student who had various identities. (It is unclear if Meghan played said college student.)

15. Fringe.

Meghan played an FBI agent named Amy Jessup who investigates a car crash involving one of the series’s main characters, Olivia Dunham.

16. The League.

In The League, Meghan played a character named Meghan! Not much else is out there about her role in the show.

17. Remember Me

Yes, Meghan was in the ultra-depressing Robert Pattinson movie, Remember Me, in a very minor role. Fun fact: Her first husband, Trevor Engelson, produced the movie.

18. CSI: Miami.

Her second CSI appearance was on the Miami franchise. She played a police officer named Leah Montoya. While there’s no YouTube clip, you can watch the episode in full on Hulu.

19. Get Him to the Greek

Meghan had a small, uncredited role as Tatiana in the Russell Brand and Jonah Hill comedy Get Him to the Greek. In her brief appearance in the film, she shares a kiss with Brand’s character, Aldous Snow, during a party. While Meghan’s Get Him to the Greek scene is difficult to find online, you can watch the whole movie on Amazon and iTunes.

20. The Candidate

Meghan nabbed a significant role in the short film, The Candidate, which is an eerie story about a deadly secret society. She played Kat, a friendly secretary. The good news? It’s fully available to watch on YouTube.

21. The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down

This TV movie was a remake of a 2006 feature film, all about a how to have an epic night out in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, there are no clips of the 2011 film.

22. Horrible Bosses

She has a bit part in the movie Horrible Bosses, as a “FedEx girl” who Jason Sudekis can’t actually believe is a “FedEx girl,” because she’s too attractive.

23. Suits.

2011 was a big year for Meghan. Not only did she appear in a movie with Jennifer Aniston (Horrible Bosses), but she was cast in the role that would become her big break: Rachel Zane, a paralegal on the USA legal drama, Suits. She remained on the show for seven seasons, appearing in over 100 episodes. Her character is known for being a whip-smart paralegal who is so good at her job that she earned her own office (an achievement that most associates have yet to land). Though she has aspirations to be a lawyer, she struggles with tests, and can’t manage to get the LSAT score she needs to get into Harvard Law S. Oh, and she has sizzling on-screen chemistry with Patrick J. Adams’s character, Mike Ross — and that’s just a teaser for her arc in the show’s first season. The entire show is available to stream for Amazon Prime members.

24. Dysfunctional Friends

Meghan plays a photographer who works with a male model in this movie about a group of friends trying to reconnect after one of them dies. Meghan’s part in the film is pretty small, and she’s not part of said group.

25. Castle.

Meghan had a brief appearance on the fourth season of Castle, where she played a rather dark character: Charlotte Boyd, a serial killer who staged the murders she committed to look like fairy tales. You can purchases all Castle episodes on Amazon, and watch a trailer for Meghan’s episode below.

26. Random Encounters

With her Suits fame raising her profile, Meghan started landing a few more leading roles, like this one in Random Encounters, a romantic comedy that was released online. She played the sassy BFF character who doles out one-liners, which you can get quite a few glimpses of in the movie’s trailer.

27. When Sparks Fly

Meghan then moved on to the Hallmark movie period of her career, starring in two films for the channel. The first, When Sparks Fly, is about a “big city journalist” who returns to her hometown and falls for her old boyfriend. You can also watch the whole thing (for free!) here.

28. Anti-Social

Another leading role came for Meghan in the thriller Anti-Social, which is about a pair of brothers (one of which her character dates) with scandalous side jobs: Armed robber and street artist. Meghan’s character doesn’t seem to love the whole dating the brother of an armed robber thing. Fittingly, the movie is set in London.

29. Dater’s Handbook

Meghan’s final role (besides her upcoming final episodes of Suits) is another Hallmark movie about Cass, a woman who tries to date according to a set of rules lined out in a self-help book. Of course, that doesn’t work out so well because she’s not truly being herself. You get the gist from the trailer.

Of course, Meghan’s latest role is future royal! And on Friday, she will join Harry for her first official public engagement at Nottingham Cottage so he can show her the Full Effect project on World AIDS Day. “Ms. Markle cannot wait to meet many of the young people Prince Harry has already told her so much about,” the spokesman said.