See the First Look at Meghan Markle's Royal Monogram (the Former Calligrapher Would Approve!)

The newly minted Duchess's cipher is a simple cursive 'M' topped by the House of Windsor crown

Meghan Markle‘s new coat of arms was released on Friday, and eagle-eyed royal fans noticed another milestone for the Duchess of Sussex: a first look at the newest royal member’s official royal cipher.

Atop a Kensington Palace press release about the Duchess‘s coat of arms — which includes several subtle nods to her home state of California — is her official monogram, a simple cursive “M” topped by a crown. It mirrors Harry’s cipher, a thin, cursive “H” topped by a similar crown, representing the House of Windsor.

And no doubt Meghan approves of her calligraphy-inspired cipher. The former Suits star used to have a side gig as a calligrapher during her early acting days.

Kensington Palace

Though uses of the monogram outside of official palace correspondence seem limited, Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s ciphers have each had their public moments: Will’s is on a Canadian flag that flies on days he’s in the country, and the couple’s joint cipher topped their extravagant wedding fruit cake, served to guests at their reception in 2011.

<a href="" data-inlink="true">Prince Harry</a> and <a href="" data-inlink="true">Meghan Markle</a> kiss as they exit St George's Cha

We’ve yet to see Prince Harry and Meghan’s joint cipher; meanwhile the couple’s conjugal coat of arms is expected to be released in a couple of years.

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