Harry Was Right! The Queen's Corgis Aren't the Only Dogs Who've Fallen in Love with Meghan Markle

As soon as she met the president's massive mountain dogs, they couldn't bare to be separated from her!

Whether they’re royal corgis, Bernese mountain dogs, or rescued beagles, all dogs love Meghan Markle!

During the second day of the couple’s royal tour of Ireland, on Wednesday, Meghan and Prince Harry met with President Michael Higgins and his wife Sabina at their official residence. The newlyweds were greeted by their hosts’ dogs, Brod, a male, and Sioda, a female, on a walk around the grounds. Brod means pride in Gaelic, and Sioda means silk.

Royal visit to Dublin - Day Two
Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty Images
Royal visit to Dublin - Day Two
Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty Images
Royal visit to Dublin - Day Two
Press Association via AP Images

After the tour of the residence, the dogs really showed how much they enjoyed Meghan’s company. When the foursome walked to the garden, Brod and Sioda ran over to Meghan and Harry to be petted, barking at journalists along the way. The dogs stayed with them almost the whole visit — they were begging for attention from their visitors even as they said their farewells.

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Also during their visit to Aras an Uachtarain, the name of 18th century house of the Irish head of state, Harry and Meghan had the honor of ringing the Peace Bell to mark the 20th anniversary of the Belfast Agreement, a significant moment in the North Ireland peace process.

This isn’t the first time Meghan’s charmed some VIP dogs. Harry revealed during their engagement interview in November 2017 that Queen Elizabeth’s corgis were immediately fond of her — while Harry had spent “the last 33 years being barked at. This one walks in, absolutely nothing,” he said. Meghan added, “They were laying on my feet during tea!” Harry responded, “Just wagging tails. I was like argh!”

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Meghan’s known for her love of animals, especially her two rescue dogs. Her beagle, named Guy, has been living a charmed life in the U.K. for several months now, while the other is staying with close friends of hers back stateside.

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