During Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's recent visit to the town of Birkenhead, the royal mom-to-be told well-wishers that their child is due in late April


Baby Sussex’s birth could call for a double celebration!

During Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s recent visit to the town of Birkenhead, the royal mom-to-be told the crowd when she’s due to give birth to their first child.

“We asked her how her pregnancy was going and she said she was six months and she tapped her tummy,” well-wisher Carla Gandy from nearby Wallasey, who was there with her 4-year-old daughter Sofia, tells PEOPLE.

Meghan, 37, told others gathered in Hamilton Square that she’s due in late April.

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There’s already a little member of the royal family born in late April: Prince Louis, who will celebrate his first birthday on April 23.

The birthday of Meghan and Harry’s could also fall near that of his or her older cousin, Princess Charlotte. The 3-year-old daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William was born on May 2.

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte
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Baby Sussex may also arrive on another special occasion: the anniversary of Kate and William’s wedding. The couple were married at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011.

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Britain's Prince William and his wife Ka
Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Meghan previously hinted that her first child would be an April baby through her jewelry. As she kicked off the Sydney Invictus Games in October, fans noticed that she was wearing three stacked rings with different colored stones by Canadian brand Ecksand.

Royal blogger @DuchyOfSuccess noticed that the stones may represent the birthstones of Harry and their future son or daughter.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Australia - Day 5
Meghan Markle in October
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“I’m hoping Meghan’s stacked rings represent their birthstones and Baby Sussex is an April baby,” she shared on Twitter.

Meghan may have chosen the emerald stone to symbolize, peridot, the “evening emerald,” which is her own birthstone (for August). Emerald could also represent the month of May, which is the couple’s wedding month. Harry, a September baby, would be represented by the blue sapphire.